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Anthony Liggins — Gallery 88 is an Atlanta-Miami based artist with a global reach who is looking to expand his concept. He has been creating exquisite pieces of art for over 12 years and has held twelve major group museum showings in the US and Europe at some of the most highly regarded and sought after venues.

Anthony Liggins B Cards_Mockup 2.jpg
Business Cards
Anthony Liggins B Cards_Mockup.jpg


Just like Anthony's art, we wanted the brand to visually captivate, motivate, and inspire his clients.
Throughout all the pieces we emphasis his use of color, specific objects, and techniques in his art. Bright colors are used as something meaningful that expresses the artist's spirituality and sense of harmonic movement.

Brand Identity
Anthony Liggins 88 Merchandise.jpg
Promotional Merchandise
Anthony Liggins TiShirt_Mockup 2.jpg
Anthony Liggins Square_Poster_Mockup.jpg
Promotional T-Shirt and Poster
Anthony Liggins Square_Poster_Mockup 1.j
Promotional Posters
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup 2.jpg



Art Is Love, Love Is An Art captures the paintings of Liggins, his collectors, and influences that have inspired him through the decades. It is designed as a large 12in x 12in tabletop book with a full-color jacket cover that contains over 200 pages of Liggins acrylic paints that 
incorporate photography, antique wood printing blocks, chopsticks, yarn, and pressed dot patterns into his work. Large-cap colored typography animated Liggins poetry quote over full-size images paired with his intriguing artwork for an unforgettable visual experience.

Artist Look Book
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup 3.jpg
Artist Look Book Foreword
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup 6.jpg
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup
Artist Look Book Inside
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup
Artist Look Book Believe Spread
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup 9.jpg
Anthony Liggins TiShirt_Mockup 6.jpg
Artist Look Book and Promo Tee
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup
Artist Look Book Inside Spread
Anthony Liggins TiShirt_Mockup 1.jpg
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup 7.jpg
Artist Look Book and Promo Tee 2
Anthony Liggins Square_Book_Mockup 8.jpg
Artist Look Book End Page




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