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Just For Barbers, specializes in supplying a wide selection of premium quality tools and hair care products for all types of professional barbers. 


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The JustForBarbers icon was inspired by the hair growth lifecycle and the shape of the follicle. The client wanted a symbol that is relatable to professional barbers and could be used in their exclusive line of self-branded products. The hexagon is one of the principal governing patterns dominant in the natural world and it is found in the structure
of the human DNA.

Logo Proportions
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Business Card
Brand Identity
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We wanted the brand colors to be stylish and yet have a clinical look which professional barbers could appeal to. The colors should have a combination of brightness and neutrality that could be utilized in various applications from corporate identity to the packaging of their exclusive line. 

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The JustForBarbers icon typeface Rajdhani was chosen because of its squared and condensed appearance which gives it a technical and futuristic look.  Typically round bowls, straight sides with stroke terminals typically end in flat line segments that are horizontal or vertical, rather than diagonal. Their corners are slightly rounded, giving stroke-endings a softer feeling, rather than a pointy one. It's a modularized typeface that comes in different weights, supports the Devanagari and Latin writings.


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Brand Iconography
Brand Products
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Product Packaging
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Magazine Advertisement


The mobile app for JustForBarbers provides professional barbers with a stylish, yet highly functional interface with great interaction and intuitive navigation. The mobile app will be an extension of the web eCommerce that enhances the customer experience with a more personalized environment that is always available at their fingertips.

Mobile App
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Mobile App Interface




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